Trade Butler Bot, also known as $TBB is one of the most successful bot focused projects in the DeFi space today. Their platform revolves around holding at least 1 TBB token to use their trading bot which can enhance your trading on both high volume tokens and brand new launches.

To the Symbiote team, TBB was the ideal partner to look into as they have been cutting edge on many of their developments and have a thriving dedicated community. With this in mind, here is how the partnership will work between TBB and Symbiote

For being early supporters of the…

This is the devolution of passive income in the Crypto Space.

Welcome to the evolution of passive income

Many tokens in the #DeFi space fulfill one purpose or another with quite a few simply being forks of another project. The reality is the actual useful tech is few and far between, and the projects that launch with a working product are just as rare. Symbiote is going to be that rare mix of the latter two.

The network is built around our token $SYM and a powerful frontrunning bot that will trade off the volume of other tokens. A Symbiote…

Symbiote Network

The evolution of passive income in #DeFi

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